Holy Smokes

Ever wonder where the term “Holy Smoke” comes from? Some say it’s from the movie “Holy Smoke”. Some cigar fans like the term. Others say, It’s a religious term describing burnt sacrifices in the Old Testament. Still others say that it is sacrilegious and is mocking God. It’s closely related to … [Read more...]

$19,520 Pesos and 3 Chickens

This Tzotzil Indian Congregation Knows all about Giving out of Love

On April 12th, Resurrection Sunday, I ministered in Tzenembolon, Chiapas with the Tzotzil Indians and witnessed a miracle. The purpose of the visit was to work on stage 3 of our church planting program called the PACE Plan : Outreach-Evangelism and the rental of a meeting place- We pay for … [Read more...]

Why Would This Tzeltal Indian Family Give Me a Wardrobe Worth More Than Their Entire Month’s Wages?


The Tzeltal Indians live about an hour and a half from us in Cancuc Pozo Chiapas. For a long time I have admired the bright colors of their clothing as we have ministered to them providing relevant teachings, evangelistic campaigns and now even a Bible School which started in February. On … [Read more...]

Ministry in Takiukim, Chenalho, Chiapas

This past Sunday I ministered in Takiukim, Chenalho. Its is a remote Tzotzil Indian village located deep in the mountains of Chiapas. The people here are very poor. There are no modern facilities. Dirt floors and huts are common. Outhouses are very primitive. … [Read more...]

Unanimous Ministries Missions Report, June 2008

You may download a pdf copy of our June Newsletter entitled  ”39 Reasons Why Your Prayers and Financial Support are Changing Lives in Latin America” Here Unanimous Ministries started with 4 churches named AMISTAD CRISTIANA in these places: 1. TUXTLA GUTIERREZ 2. TONALA 3. HUIXTLA 4. … [Read more...]