Why Would This Tzeltal Indian Family Give Me a Wardrobe Worth More Than Their Entire Month’s Wages?

The Tzeltal Indians live about an hour and a half from us in Cancuc Pozo Chiapas. For a long time I have admired the bright colors of their clothing as we have ministered to them providing relevant teachings, evangelistic campaigns and now even a Bible School which started in February.


On February 20th, we finished a full day of teaching and prepared for a nightly service in the village. The Pastor quietly pulled me aside and told me to go to a small wooden hut located outside of the church building. “A Family has something that they would like to give you” he said.

This was not the first time I had received gifts from the Tzeltal Indians. They’ve given me coffee, handmade bags and even livestock. I was honestly expecting another rooster to add to my ever growing population of chickens at my home in San Cristobal.

Was I ever surprised as the women pulled a beautiful Tzeltal Wardrobe out of a small plastic bag; it was just the right size.

“We want to give you this as a token of our appreciation for faithfully bringing us the Word of God each month” the family explained.

“I thought to myself, “I couldn’t possibly accept such a large gift. I know very well that the Tzeltal Indian wardrobes are very expensive.” In fact, they are worth more than $200. That’s well over a month’s wages when you consider that the average Tzeltal makes less than $30 a week when work is available. Most of the time, the Indians barter crops, animals, coffee and clothing because currency is scarce.

I considered the time involved in making such a beautiful piece of clothing- even longer than a month. I was reluctant to take the gift but I knew that I would offend the family if I didn’t. What’s more, I didn’t want to rob them of a blessing by not allowing them to give.

I accepted the gift.

“We are so thankful that you visit us each month, your ministry has changed our lives” they explained.

What a reward. Their words to me meant so much. I felt honored as I walked away with the wardrobe in hand, thanking God for the privilege to be a missionary to the Tzeltal Indians in Chiapas.

Luke 6:38 states that it is more blessed to give than to receive. I may have received some nice clothing and a pat on back but I feel even more satisfied to be able to share Gods Word with people in need.

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I want to thank you. Because of your prayers and financial support we are able to take the word of God to tribes like this Tzeltal family I just described. Thanks for helping us to help others!

Serving Christ Together,


Providing a Joyful Christmas to over a 1000 Indian Children

As we near Christmas we would like to inform you of some Great News:

  • Some accomplishments this year because of you
  • Our Move to San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
  • Our Special Christmas project
  • A special invitation to help the ministry

Thanks to You!
This past year you have made it possible for us to minister:
*Salvation and Church Planting
*Medical help
*Assistance to the poor
*And ministry to the children
*P.E.A.C.E. Plan
BECAUSE OF YOU, our ministry in Mexico is providing a spiritual covering to 83 churches in Chiapas, Mexico. More than half of these churches are Indian Churches and 12 of these are brand new church plants. What a great way to end off the Year 2008.

You did this!

This not only applies to those who have given financially. If you prayed for us you were a part of our success.

Getting Closer to the Tzotzil Indians

Much of our work this past year was with the Tzotzil Indians. I work closely with these churches and the new Indian leader, Jose Alfredo. We even moved to San Cristobal de las Casas which is located in the mountains of Chiapas to be closer to the Indians.

Here’s where we’re located on the map:
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Providing Christmas Smiles to over a 1000 needy Indian Children

This Christmas we are making a large effort to provide a special toy to some very needy little children in the Indian villages where we minister.

Watch this video from last years Christmas ministry:

Last year was great but this year we really plan on going all out. These little Indian children are by far the most needy and the poorest of the poor.

A small doll or toy car may be all that one of these little Tzotzil Indian children will receive this year.

Beginning on the 21st of December and ending on the day after Christmas we will be distributing gifts in the following villages:

    • Chenalho
    • Las Limas
    • Cruston
    • Chimix
    • Acteal Centro
    • Poconichim
    • Takiucum
    • Zinichil Vo
    • Cancuc Pozo and 3 surrounding villages
      • If you give $100 dollars your donation will buy 25 toys
      • If you give $500 dollars your donation will buy 100 toys
      • If you give $1000 dollars your donation will buy 250 toys
From Tzanembolom- Nov 16, 2008

We already have one church who will be helping us finance this Christmas project.


The other day, Mari who is a Tzental Indian girl who lives with us invited us to go to her house. Mari is from a small village located near Tenejapa, Chiapas.

After driving on some rough roads to get to her village we parked the tuck and walked another 15 minutes to get to her house.

When we entered her home we immediately noticed the dirt floors, a place to cook in the middle of the room and chickens running around inside.

Mari is one of 9 children. One of Mari’s sisters, Isabel, began playing with our daughter Cristi.
Cristi’s had her favorite stuffed animal with her. Little Isabel was especially interested in the little doll since she her parents obviously couldn’t afford to get her one like this.

We are trying to teach our daughter the importance of giving.

Cristi gives little Isabel her favorite stuffed animal

Cristi gave little Isabel her build-a bear. Although the stuffed animal meant a lot to our daughter it was a very special gift for little Isabel. That gift really made a difference in little Isabel’s life.

Your gift will make a big difference in over 1000 little Indian Children s lives this Christmas.

“Would you please consider making your best investment in the kingdom of God with us?”

Since each gift will cost us around 5 dollars we need to raise $5000. Look at how many choldren you can bless with just a little bit of money:

Here are 2 Reasons Why An investment in our mission’s projects is a wise way to spend your money during this Christmas Season:

1.    It’s the Giving Season. What better way to give than to invest in little children like Isabel.
2.    It’s the end of the year and you can write it off on your taxes. Besides benefiting missions you can also receive some nice tax deductions from your donations.

During this Christmas what can you give to help these poor Indian children…and to be a representative of Jesus to Mexico?

Please pray and ask God what He would have you give to share His love with those who are hurting.

To make a tax deductible donation now click here

We appreciate you,