7 Lies of Organized Religion

“The Unvarnished Truth About Religion, Christianity and Spirituality”

Seven great myths of organized religion: A closer look

Is Spirituality liberating and life-giving; or is it a tool for greed, manipulation & control?

Is there a difference between organized religion & a relationship with God?
  • Some religious leaders seem to tell us that we’re not smart enough or good enough to discover God on our own. Who says?
  • If God is good and perfect, why is there so much evil and suffering in the world?
  • How can anyone rely on the Bible for answers, if it’s just a loose translation of ancient myths anyway?
  • How can we trust religion if it has advocated slavery and the subjugation of women throughout history?

In “7 Great Lies of Organized Religion” my friend Perry Marshall helps us to dissect the most common lies — and illuminate the fault line that separates genuine spirituality from empty religious dogma.

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