25 Tips For Christmas Gift Giving

Looking for Christmas gift giving advice?

I’m about to share with you how to beat stress this Holiday season by giving gifts with wisdom and joy….

25 Tips For Christmas Gift Giving

“It’s the thought that counts”, so here are some helpful thoughts when it comes to gift giving ..

Use Wisdom in Christmas Gift Giving

1. Ask God to give you wisdom as to what to purchase, who to purchase for and how to buy items.

2. Keep in mind how it makes you feel when you receive something you don’t really want or need.

3. Agree as a family to not go overboard in gift giving… Maybe just buy gifts for the children or draw names.

Give Gifts Based On What You Have Available

4. If you have money, share with others by buying items they want or need.

bonus Christmas giving tip

Bonus Christmas giving tip: The Presentation makes a difference.. Don’t forget the gift wrapping.

5. If you are lacking in funds, don’t go into debt as a result of your gift giving activities.

6. You don’t have to spend money to give a gift. Your time, efforts, skills, and thoughts are often much more valuable than material gifts.

7. Make it a rule to NOT use a credit card to pay for gifts, this will add up to a large debt very quickly.

Give Gifts With Good Motivations

8. Give gifts because you love and care about someone.

9. Don’t give just to get something in return.

10. Don’t give because you feel “obligated” because someone gave you a gift.

Can’t Think of What Gift to Give?

11. Ask yourself, “What does the person “need”?

12. Give based on the person’s passion, interests or hobby.

13. Don’t be tempted by gag gifts or cheap, unimportant gifts, instead give gifts that mean something and improve peoples life

14. Give based on quality, not cost.

15. Keep your gift giving simple but not generic. Say no to socks, ties and soap on a rope.

Jesus is the reason for the season

16. Try not to become stressed out with holiday gift giving.

17. Remember, Jesus has already given the ultimate gift.. His life! This is a time of joy… not worry.

18. Here’s the Bible’s #1 tip about gift giving …

don't forget the poor

In Acts 20:35 Paul said ..

we ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

The Bible is full of verses that instruct us to give to the poor..

Prov 19:17

We know we should give but, often times, we don’t know how to give or who to give to. Here are some tips along with questions to ask before you consider giving to a charity or ministry…

How To Donate To The Poor

19. Give with passion. Are you passionate about the ministry?

20. Give based on relationship. Do you know anything about the person or charity?

21. Give to charities who demonstrate integrity. Does the ministry posses character, honesty and humility?

22. Be a good steward by giving responsibly. Did you check out the organization to find out how they will spend you donations?

23. Ask for a follow-up report. Who was helped, blessed or ministered to? What testimonies can be shared?

24. Get tax benefits by taking advantage of tax deductible donations. Will the ministry offer a tax deductible receipt for your gift?

25. Here’s My Last Tip…

Give To Our Christmas Outreach

The Chrsitmas gift  gving season is our favorite time of the year. Each year at this time we give to the poor. 2 years ago we gave out 2500 pairs of shoes. This year we will be giving a special gift package which includes a toy, sanitary items, school supplies and candy to the very poorest children we have found in the Indian communities.Christmas Gifts

Our goal is to provide a Christmas that the children will remember for years to come by providing hope and joy.

Click on the image of the little girl to see more photos of the Christmas gift giving projects

These are children who don’t expect to receive anything for Christmas because their parents can’t afford Christmas presents.

One of these places is located in San Juan Chamula where an entire Catholic church, including the Priest gave their lives to the lord.
When we give these gifts we teach the children about the true meaning of Christmas which can only be found in Jesus Christ..

I wrote the above tips and requirements because that is my criteria for our ministry here in Mexico.

Now that you know how to give gifts you need an opportunity to give. I want to provide you with that opportunity now by asking you to give to our ministry using using the donate button or via our missions giving page.

We appreciate your special year end tax deductible donation in any amount.

You may download it in a Printable PDF format by clicking on the link below:
25 Tips for Christmas Gift Giving (374)

May your Christmas gift giving be filled with wisdom and joy!


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